McDonagh Scarlett Our beautiful little niece  fell asleep with the angels on 11th October 2011  and baby Noah on 9th  October 2010. There’s not  a day goes by that we  don’t miss and think  about you wee princess,  from the moment you  were born everyone knew  you were truly special  and unique in ways that  no-one ever felt before.  The love, joy and happi- ness you gave with your  wee infectious personal- ity, singing, laughing and  all your wee jokie ways,  there’s not enough words  to describe the most  amazing love you gave to  us all. We were truly  blessed to have you, one  of God’s most precious  Angels and He picked  only the most special  mummy, daddy and family to care and look after you. We miss you so, so much Scarlett and every time I see the moon, stars and rainbows auntie Dana always thinks of our wee songs we sang together especially (Mr Moon) precious memories I hold in my heart forever. Give little baby Noah loads of hugs and kisses. Love yous to the moon and stars auntie Dana and Latlie xxx. 

Scarlatte mcdonagh mem auntie