McELKERNEY MARTIN Vol INLA  2nd Anniversary  17th May RIP My precious brother Martin.  Doesn't seem that long ago  the last time that I saw you.  Two years have slipped past  in the blink of an eye. The  day my brother passed  away I became someone  new, a total different person, someone I never knew.  I am not who I used to be, I  am not the same, the only  thing that hasn't changed is  the spelling of my name. I  cry more than I ever did, I  break down quite a lot, my  heart hurts every day, the  pain will never stop. If the  love from your brothers and  sisters could have saved  you Martin, you never would  have died. Loved and remembered with pride every  day your baby sister Patsy,  nephews Jim and Caolan  and niece Roise xxx. 

McELKERNEY Martin. Died  17th May 2019. Will those  who think of him today, a  little prayer to Jesus say. Always loved and remembered by Mark, Josephine  and family.

Martin mcilkerney mem