McERLEAN Patrick  Whose 17th Anniversary  occurs August 15th Our daddy, we're missing  you a little more each  time we hear your name,  we've cried so many tears  yet our hearts still broke  the same. We miss our  times together things in common that we shared,  but nothing fills the emptiness now you're no  longer there. We have so  many special memories to last a whole life  through, each one of  them reminders of how  much we're missing you,  but from Heaven we  know you're still giving the  love you always had, we  know you hear us talk to  you and we always will.  Your loving children   Fionnuala, Caoimhe one and only son Patrick Jr,  grandchildren Pearse,  Aoibhínn, Padraig, Ellen, Conal and Donál Patrick  xxxx. 

Martin mcerlean mem children