McKINNEY Kevin  23rd May 2021  1st Anniversary memories of my life long friend Kevin. St Pio pray for him.  I think about you often and what we  used to do, we'd end up in some spots in life that gave a scare or  two. But when I think back to them times we were lucky to survive when all we ever hoped to do was just to stay alive. I do miss your old  yarns and how you used to laugh, but when a terrible thing had came and took you down this path. I sat and watched you suffer and watched your face in pain, but then at last at the end of it all you were with your family again. I look at who you've left behind and how they've had to cope but then you've sent them little ones to fill their lives  with hope. Goodbye my friend. Very deeply missed by your lifelong friends Geordie, Gemma, kids Carl and Ayla xox

Kevin mkinney mem wife