McLAUGHLIN Brian  5th Anniversary  occurs on the 20th March. I came across a picture of you today the tears just  started falling, but I couldn’t turn away. I closed my eyes  and I was there the day that  day so long ago, I saw your  eyes still shining bright,  alive and so aglow. I swear I  heard you laughing as I  gazed upon your face, that  happy and beautiful sound  that nothing can replace. I  brought back such sweet  memories of how life used  to be each picture now a  time machine that brings  you back to me. You rest in  the arms of the angels in a  place of peace and love,  watching over me always  from Heaven up above . You  guide me through my worries and help me through  each day always by my side  you never went away. The  bond that can’t be broken  made from love so pure  death doesn’t break that  bond it lives on forever  more. So rest in the arms of  the angels waiting for the  day we are all together  again. Loved and missed  you so much your heartbroken wife Josephine, son Brian and Martine, daughters Emma and Gary, Laura and Sean, Lorraine and Peter and all of your grandchildren xoxo. 

Brian mclaughlin mem