McMANUS JAMES (Jimmy)  8th Anniversary October 14th. RIP.  Very precious memories of my dear son Jimmy. Son you  are at peace now with your son Vincent but I will never stop  missing you as I do every day, broken hearts don’t mend  that way. Will love and miss you forever my big son. God  bless you. Love from your mum Eileen, your brothers, sisters and family. CONLON ISOBEL (BELL)  8th Anniversary October 15th. RIP.  What I would give if I could say I am going over to see our  Bell today. So sad love it cannot be but I feel you all watch- ing over me. God bless you. Love as you are at rest with  God and all your loved ones now. No more pain. Greatly  missed by your sister Eileen and all McManus family. TRAVERSARIE MAUREEN  8th Anniversary 29th October. RIP My dear sister. God bless you love. I miss our phone calls  love and when I went to visit you we used to have some  happy times and then some sad times too, As we used to  talk of times gone by that was me and you, but then you  left so sudden, only God knows why, I hope you heard me  on the phone saying my last goodbye to you. Sadly missed  by your sister Eileen McManus and family.