McMENAMIN JIM (JIMBO) 1st Anniversary In loving memory of my beloved husband Jim, who died  25th June 2022. RIP. Eternal rest grant unto him O  Lord, and let the Perpetual Light shine upon him. Jim,  you were my world, you meant everything to me, the  love I have for you will last eternally.  I miss your  warmth, I miss your strength, I miss your lovely smile, I  wish that you were here again if just for a little while.  Thank you for your devoted love that helps me through  each day, and for all the precious memories that will  never fade away. I hope that you have felt at peace  since we said goodbye, in my heart I know that we’ll be  together again in time. So deeply missed by your loving  wife Marie xxx

Dad, I think of things you used to say and all that you  would do, at some point every single day my thoughts  will turn to you. To lose you was a bitter wrench that cut  right to my core,  I cried until my tears ran out and then  I cried some more. It wouldn’t be your wish for me that  I’d be forever sad, so every day I remind myself of the  happy times we had. I know I can’t be with you now and  you can’t be with me, but safe inside my heart you’ll  stay, that’s where you’ll always be. Sadly missed by  your loving daughter Laura, son-in-law Paul and grand  daughters Erin, Eva and Lucy. xxx

Remembering you is easy I do it every day, missing you  is the heartache that never goes away. Sorely missed  by your loving son Jim, daughter-in-law Clare and  grandchildren Abby, Alex, Maeve and Odhrán .xxx

For my dad in Heaven on your 1st Anniversary. They say  there is a reason, they say that time will heal, but neither time nor reason will change the way I feel.  Gone  are the days we used to share but in my heart you are  always there. The gates of memories will never close, I  miss you dad more than anyone knows. Love and miss  you every day. Til we meet again your loving son Michael, daughter-in-law Shirelyanne and grandchildren  Michael, Scarlett, Sean and Sienna. xxxx Jim’s 1st Anniversary Mass will be offered in  St Oliver Plunkett Church  on Saturday 24th June at 6.30pm.

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