McNEILL Declan 15th Anniversary occurs on 4th August 2020 A date that's marked with sadness has returned to us  once more, though every day in some small way we  miss you more and more. Always remembered by your  heartbroken family, children Kellymarie and Declan,  grandchildren Ava, Phoebe, mum and dad. St Pio pray  for him xxx RIP

McNEILL Declan Whose 15th anniversary occurs on  4th August 2020. In memory of a special brother. Today is full of memories of a brother laid to rest, and  every single one of them is filled with happiness. For  you were someone special, always such a joy to know,  and there was so much pain when it was time to let  you go. That's why this special message is sent to  Heaven above, for the angels to take care of you and  give you all my love. Always remembered and loved  everyday by your sisters Maria and Anne and your  brother Martin and families. Rest in peace xxx

Declan slane mem