MEENAN UNA (Nee Fox) In loving memory of my precious mummy Una  Whose 4th Anniversary occurred on the 20th June  When angels sense you need them which angels  often do, they come unseen from everywhere to  help and comfort you. But one stays with me as my  constant friend and guide and I know that precious  angel is my mummy by my side. When God was  making mummys as far as I can see, he made a  precious mummy especially for me. He gave my  loving mummy a heart of solid gold, who gave me  wonderful memories only my heart can hold. Next  time we meet will be at Heaven’s door, when I see  you standing there I won’t cry anymore. I will put  my arms around you and kiss your smiling face,  then the pieces of my broken heart will fall back  into place. I love and miss you so much mummy,  good night and God bless ya. Mummy starry starry  night Una. Eternally loved and so sorely missed  your heart-broken daughter Marian and your wee  friend Jasper xoxoxoxo. 

MEENAN Una 4th Anniversary occurred 20th June.  Mine is just a simple prayer, God bless and keep  you in His care. Always loved, sorely missed your  son Barry and family xo. 

MEENAN Una 4th Anniversary occurred 20th June.  In loving memory of my precious wee mummy Una  (Nee Fox). My angel up in Heaven I wanted you to  know, I feel you watching over me everywhere I go.  I wish you were here with me but that can never be,  memories of you in my heart that only I can see. My  Angel up in Heaven I hope you understand, that I  would give anything if I could hold your hand. I’d  hold you oh so tightly and never let you, my angel  up in Heaven how I miss you so. Love you always  your heartbroken daughter Donna and your mate  Simba xoxoxo.

MEENAN Una. In loving memory our beautiful  nanny on her 4th Anniversary Una Meenan (Nee  Fox). We once had something special that money  couldn’t buy, we had a special person but we had  to say goodbye. The heartache and the sadness  may not always show, people say it lessens but little do they know. Meet us in our dreams and talk to  us once more and ease this everlasting pain that  makes our hearts so sore. The road without you is  so long, a tear for every mile, but we know when  we reach the end you’ll be waiting with a smile.  Love and miss you so much our Angel. Your heart- broken grand-daughters Chelsea and Natalie and  your great grandson Cormac Ché xo. 

MEENAN Una Precious memories of my beautiful  wee nanny on her 4th Anniversary away from  home. I often sit and think about the years that  have passed by and of all the happy times that was  shared by you and I. I think of all the laughter, the  smiles and all the fun and before I even know it my  tears have once again begun. For although it brings  me comfort to walk down memory lane, it reminds  me how without you nanny my life has never been  the same. I hear you in the wind, your voice as  clear as day, if only I could have you here nanny all  our troubles would go away. My heart’s forever bro- ken and won’t ever be the same, until the day God  calls me and I’m with you nanny again. Our Lady  wrap your arms around her and give her all my  love, for she’s my sunshine in the morning and my  guiding star above. Always and forever missed  nanny. Love you so so much your wee Stacey Stacey xxx.

MEENAN Una Precious memories of my wee nanny  on her 4th Anniversary away from home. We miss  you a little more each time we hear your name,  we’ve cried so many tears yet our hearts are broken  just the same. We miss our times together, things  in common we could share but nothing fills the  emptiness now you’re no longer there. We’ve so  many precious memories to last our whole life  through, each one of them reminders of how much  we’re missing you. Loved dearly and forever missed  my wee nanny. Your heartbroken grand-daughter  Stacey and husband Christopher. Our Lady of  Lourdes watch over her until we meet again xxx.

Una meenan double