MURRAY Tierna. Tierna our beautiful big sister you were the most beautiful kindest person inside and out, anyone  that got to meet you were fortunate as you were one of a kind. We miss you Tierna we are lost and brokenhearted without you, you were the light of our family when you left us apart of us all left also. Our oldest sister who we  all loved and looked up to, you were our whole life we can't believe it's a  year its still like a horrible dream. The hurt we feel  we wouldn’t wish on anyone, Tierna you were such a kind and caring person who went above and beyond for everyone. You were a genuine girl and you deserved the world and more, Heaven is lucky to have you  here. Tierna you will never be forgotten, you were the loud crazy one of our family, we always had a laugh no matter what, we heard you before we saw you with your  big infectious voice and  laugh. The memories and  stories keep us going together you were filled with so much life, love  and energy. You will be loved and missed by us  all forever. Your heartbroken sisters and brothers Zara, Steven, Jess, Harley and Fionnbhar, until we meet again. 

Terna murray mem sisters