MURRAY Tierna 365 days of sorrow, empty feelings and struggling through life while feeling non existent. You left there was no good- bye, every day since all I have did was cry. Losing you Tierna shattered my heart, there is no words to describe it I don't know how I can live my life with us apart. You were only 20 just starting your life, now we have been robbed from seeing you become a mum and a  wife. Your brothers and sisters miss you so much everyday, is a struggle and really so tough. How we have got through that  year I really don't know  except everyday came with a tear. It terrifies me the thought of becoming  old how can I get there  without having you to hold, you are loved, you  are thought of every second of everyday, you will never be forgotten, you will be remembered in  everyway. Until we meet  again my beautiful girl.  Loved and sorely missed mummy and Terry. 

Tierna murray mem mum2