Birthday Memories


O'CALLAGHAN Gerard  3rd March Firsts without you are the  hardest, we would love to  be spending this day with  you, enjoying every laugh  and making memories as  we always did but unfortunately our love was not  enough to keep you here.  So many good things  have began to happen  and it's bittersweet not  being able to tell you how  our lives are growing, to  hear your reaction and  see your big smile. You  always supported us and  lived through our journeys, today, we continue  to celebrate you, we'll  keep living and thinking  of you in every big and  small moment. Keeping  you with us in the hurdles  ahead until we get to see  you again and squeeze  your hand tight. Happy  Birthday our Granda, Love  you, Rebekah, Rachael  and Gavin xxx. 

Gerard ocallaghan mem rebeka