Birthday Memories


O'NEILL Caroline  Birthday memories of our  beautiful daughter Caroline who would be 37 on the 15th October. If we  were granted a wish we  know what it be, for the  only thing we long for is  to have you here with us.  Deeply loved and sorely  missed your heartbroken  mummy and daddy. St  Theresa pray for her xxxx.

O'Neill Caroline (Bartha)   Precious birthday memories  of my beautiful wee sister  Caroline, occurs on 15th October. I know you will be  making a wish today as you  blow out your candles, so  I'm going make one too that  someday soon we will be to- gether to share your birth- day and when that day  comes we will never be  apart again. Always loved  and deeply missed your big  sister Emma, Eamonn, Na- tasha and Rory forever  young xxxx. 

Caroline oneill mem