ROONEY JAMES JOSEPH (JIM) 2nd Anniversary  occurs 9th August 2022 RIP In loving memory of our dear son on his Anniversary. If  we could have a lifetime wish and one dream that  could come true, we would pray to God with all our  hearts just to see and speak to you. A thousand words  won’t bring you back, we know because we have tried  and neither will a million tears, we know because we  have cried. You left behind our broken hearts and precious memories too, but we never wanted memories,  we only wanted you. We will hold you tight within our  hearts and there you shall remain, until the joyous day  arrives when we shall meet again. Loved and missed  so much by your father Frankie, your two brothers  Frankie and Brian and their wives Siobhan and Sinead  and their families too and your own two daughters in  London along with your grandchildren, as least you  have some company up there now along with your  mummy now as we lost her last Christmas with the  Covid, she will look after you (RIP). Your uncle Leo and  his son Carl sends his love and prayers. Sacred heart  of Jesus have Mercy on their souls and will be sadly  missed by all the large Rooney family circle and the  Hagans family that’s on your mummy’s side of the  family. So all I can say now is good night and God  Bless you all. St Padre Pio pray for them all RIP. 

Jim rooney