SELBY Margaret 1st Anniversary occurs 2nd March Our Lady of Knock pray for her. Our memories aren’t framed in gold for all the world  to see, ours are locked within our hearts where you  will always be. The hands of time keep turning, the  years have slipped away, but memories last forever,  they never fade away. We take a walk down memory  lane and there you will remain, to walk with you  throughout our lives until we meet again. Loved and  missed by your husband Tom.

SELBY Margaret. 1st Anniversary of my dear mum.  What I would not give to clasp her hand, her sweet  face to see, to hear her voice, to see her smile that  meant so much to me. You left behind an aching  heart that loved you most sincere, I never did nor  never will, forget you mother dear. Always loved and  sadly missed by your daughter Cathy, son-in-law  Eamonn and grandsons Ryan and Mark. 

SELBY Margaret. 1st Anniversary of my dear mother.  Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the  same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will  link us again. Always loved and missed by your son  Thomas, daughter-in-law Tina and grandchildren  Laura, Leanne, Ethan and Eoin.

SELBY Margaret 1st Anniversary of my beloved  mother. Two tired eyes are sleeping, two willing  hands are still, the one who worked so hard for us is  resting at God’s will. We cannot bring the old days  back when we were all together, the family chain is  broken now but memories last forever. Sadly missed  by your son Stephen, daughter-in-law Niamh and  grandchildren Fiontan, Cormac, Oisin and Fionnuala.

SELBY Margaret 1st Anniversary 2nd March Our memories of you are  special, they will never go  away, we have them locked  within our hearts and forever they will stay. St Pio  pray for her. Loved and  missed by sister Sheila, Felix and family.

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