TONER Fra Francie 20th Anniversary on 8th December. As long as our hearts remembers, as long as our hearts still care, we do not part from those we love, they are with us everywhere  and always sadly missed. Your loving daughter Kathleen, Kate, Gerard Morris and family. 

TONER Francie (Fra) 20th Anniversary occurs 8th December 2022. Your life was  life was full of kindly deeds, a helping hand for all our needs, a smile that warmed like sunshine a love that gave and shared, a voice that cheered and comforted, and a heart that really cared. Sincere and true in heart and mind, what beautiful memories you have left behind. Too good in life to be forgotten in death. Always loved and never forgotten your loving daughter Carmel, son-in-law Jimmy, grandchildren and  great grandchildren, masses offered. 

TONER Francis In loving memory of my father whose  20th Anniversary occurs on the 8th December RIP St  Martin pray for him. You  were always there when needed, no task too great or small, with willing hands and loving hearts, for me you did it all. So as time  goes by without you and weeks turn into years, they hold a million memories  and a thousand silent tears. So much in life has altered, so much in life is new, but the things that never change is the love I have for you. Always loved and remembered by his daughter Eilish, son-in-law Joseph and all his grandchildren. 

Gold cross