TRACEY Theresa  4th Anniversary 14th August As each day dawns and starts a new and each day ends I  think of you. Loved and missed every day your loving husband Sean.

TRACEY Theresa 4th Anniversary 14th August. In loving  memory of my beautiful mummy Teasy. Mummy it’s 4  years now and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you  and smile, when times are tough I think of you and ask  myself what would Teasy say or do. During your life you  gave me the tools I needed to give me the best life but it  wasn’t until you passed that I started to use them. Now I  know that you were preparing me for the day my beautiful  mummy was no longer here. I miss the silly things like  picking you a birthday card or telling you about Padraig  and Caoimhe but I know you’re always with me and  watching over us as we live our lives without you. Missed  everyday your proud son Patrick, partner Lisa and  grandchildren Padraig and Caoimhe.

 TRACEY Theresa treasured memories of my brave and  beautiful mummy (Teasy). You carried me as a child and  held my hand, you loved and treasured me every day and  taught me how to stand. Of all the scary things in life that  I could ever fear nothing is so frightening as you not      being here, but you taught me to be strong and you taught me how to stand even when you aren’t here to hold my hand. I am grateful for what you taught me and grateful for your love and I know that you watch over me from the Heavens up above. Missed and loved more each day your proud daughter Theresa, Sammy and all your grandchildren.

TRACEY Theresa 4th Anniversary In loving memory of my  beautiful mummy. A heart of gold so pure and true,        precious memories I have of you. Your life was a blessing,  your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and  missed beyond measure. Your loving daughter Seána and  grandson Daíre xx. 

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