WALSH 51st Anniversary In loving memory of my  dear mum Patricia  (Patsy) who died 3rd  March 1971. Masses offered. RIP. St Martin pray  for her. Do not stand at  my grave and cry, I am  not there I didn’t die. I am  your four seasons all in  one, your winter snow,  your summer sun. I am  the shadows when darkness falls, I am always there, I hear your calls. I am the birds that sing at each new day and memories never fade away. I hear you when you whisper low, God why did you have to go? I would gladly give up all I own, to hear my mum is coming home. But all I have is a photo in a frame and an aching heart when I speak your name. So do  not stand at my grave  and cry, I am not there I  did not die. Always remembered and sadly  missed by your loving son  Rab and grandson Bobby.

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