Birthday Memories


Walsh Josie whose  birthday occurs 14th August. To nanny happy birthday your first away from home. If flowers grow in Heaven on  land that's wild and free  Lord, place some in my  nanny Josie’s arms and tell  her they're from me, please  tell her that I love her and  miss her everyday and tell  her there's still so much  that I would like to say.      Remembering her is easy  she's in everything I do, I  miss her so much everyday  but I know she's safe with  you. If tears could build a  stairway made from all the  pain I'd walk right to  Heaven and bring her back  again Lord, please take care  of her and I hope that she  will see that she was such a  special nanny to me. I love  and miss you so much love  from your blue eye  Chantelle xoxo. 

Gold cross