It is that time of the year when parents have to decide which school they would like their child to start Primary 1 in September 2021.

 This is a huge decision that must be informed to make the best choice for your child. In the words of WB Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” St Teresa’s PS (Glen Road, Belfast) has been ‘lighting fires’ in the minds of their students since it opened, in 1911.

 The school during its long history has become rooted in the community and encourages the active participation of parents in school life. The staff of the school work tirelessly to make the children feel happy, safe and secure in school.

 They strive to help every child be the best that they can be. The very high quality of the teaching and learning in St Teresa’s aims to support children in acquiring knowledge and skills to be their individual best and become highly motivated life-long learners.

 St Teresa’s is proud to boast that their students perform well above the N. Ireland average in Literacy and Numeracy and P7 transfer test. They provide a huge array of after school activities and are involved in a wide range of curriculum initiatives. Consequently, the pupils excel in fields of sport, music and drama.

I would encourage all parents to find out more about St Teresa’s PS by viewing the range of presentations, videos and supporting documents from their Virtual Open Night, which can be viewed on their school website. This will help you make the informed choice that St Teresa’s Primary School is the best school for your child.


St Teresa’s Primary School decided they needed to reenergise their sense of school community, at a time when classes must remain separate in bubbles as a result of the pandemic. They have worked hard to create a new school song entitled, ‘We Give Thanks to St Teresa’. All of the children in the school were excited to perform the song which was written by local musician Patrick Davey and his team of musicians. Patrick was a great support in not only creating the song, but recording and filming the final video to accompany it. Mr Rodgers, the school principal commented, ‘At this time when we are feeling more isolated and separate, this new school song was exactly what we needed to remind us that we are a school community, united together. The children and staff were proud to sing our new school song so magnificently. I am so grateful to Patrick and his team for their support in creating this magical moment in our school’.