BRENNAN Kathleen (Nee Gibson) 1st Anniversary 16th January 2021. I am lonely in this home without you hen, life to me is not  the same, I long to have you back again. I know you are  up in Heaven watching over me. What you suffered you  told but a few, you did not deserve what you went  through. My lips cannot speak how much I love you, my  heart cannot tell me what to say, but God only knows how  much I miss you, in our home that is so lonely every single day. God bless Kathleen. From your loving husband  Frankie xxx. 

BRENNAN Kathleen (Nee Gibson) 1st Anniversary occurs  16th January. There is someone who misses you sadly  and finds the time long since you went, there is someone  who thinks of you always and tries to be brave and content. Gone is the face we loved so dear, silent the voice  we loved to hear; Tis sad but true, we wonder why the  best are always the first to die. Mummy please keep giving me signs that you are around, I love and miss you so much. Lots of Love from heart broken blue eye Kevin,  Donnamarie and grand-daughters Summer and Eva. R.I.P  xoxoxo. 

BRENNAN Kathleen (Nee Gibson) 1st Anniversary 16th  January 2021. Our beautiful mother and Nanny who  passed away. Its’ been a whole year without you and it’s  tough knowing you're no longer here with us, especially  during this difficult time but we will hold you close to our  hearts and know that you are in a better place. We love  you always from your daughter Kelly and grand-daughter  Peppie xxx. 

BRENNAN Kathleen (Nee Gibson) 1st Anniversary 16th  January 2021. Mum I thought of you with love today, I often speak your name, all I have are our memories and  your picture in a frame. God has you in his keeping, I have  you in my heart. Your loving son Frank.

BRENNAN Kathleen 1st Anniversary 16th January 2021.  Mum your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.  You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Love From Barry and Liam xxx. 

BRENNAN Kathleen (Nee Gibson) 1st Anniversary 16th  January 2021. Not a day passes by that I don't think of  you and see your smiling face in my minds eye. You were  an amazing woman and mother and I will love you forever. Love from Roseleen and Leigha.

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