MAC CORSAIN Conor Loving memories of our precious one and only big son Conor Hugh whose 1st Anniversary occurs 14th January Conor it's just so hard to know why things happen as they do, for so much love was centered around you. I knew from the moment you were born, just how much a mother could love. That day you came into my life, I just loved you with every beat of my heart. You left us far too early, before your time it seems. However hard it is though, we'll take comfort in the thought of all the memories we have and the happiness you brought. We see so much of you in your two beautiful babies Conor óg (Óggie Carson) as he calls himself now, and miss Rhea Rose whose so much like you in every way (Rhea The Diva) We will cherish them forever. Our daddy our guardian Angel xx.

You always lived life to the full son, but ours will never be the same until that day we can see your big smile again "Imagine" No words are needed big son for we will never forget. " They say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one " Love you mum and dad B xx You will always be the measure of our dreams xx Our Lady of Mount Carmel hold him close to you.  Mass offered for Conor on Saturday 16th January at 5.30pm.

Carson Conor 1st Anniversary. Our number one and only big grandson. Well son don't even know where to start, all I know is that we loved you from the minute you were born 25 years ago until the day you died, that day will never leave me son. The love wee granny  and granda (Tickety Boo) had for you was beyond compare. I know you are at peace, no one can hurt you anymore son. Hope you are looking down on granda Hughie, (your fishing buddy) that he gets better soon. Our hearts are broken and sore but we will meet some day and be greeted with your great big smile. Our Lady of Knock, our Queen of  Peace watch over him.

Carson Conor 1st Anniversary. Much loved nephew and cousin. Gone from our home that smiling face, your cheerful happy ways, the heart that won so many friends in happy by-gone days. A wee brother I loved so well. Conor you may be out of sight, we may be worlds apart but you will remain forever in my heart. Our kid/wee bro. Rest easy Conor. Hail Hail. Kevin, Michele and cousins Níamh and Aóibhe. St Michael the Archangel watch over him.

Carson Conor My beloved partner Conor and father of our gorgeous kids Conor Óg and  Rhea Rose, miss you so much. I would give the world to have you back in my arms again  to see that big smile one more time to tell you how much I love and miss you. Instead we are going to send you all our love to Heaven. Can't wait to see you again my Love. Look after me and our beautiful kids. Love Sarah-Louise x Conor óg and Rhea Rose. Love and  miss you daddy, our Angel in the sky. Hugs and kisses xx St Anthony pray for him.

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