Birthday Memories


LAGAN Mary Birthday  occurs 12th April. Birthday  wishes sent all the way to  Heaven for you granny. Not  the usual birthday wishes,  1st away from home. I would  love nothing more than a  massive hug from you.  Happy birthday granny,  sorely missed your heart- broken granddaughter Lisa,  Joe, Reece and Jude xx.

LAGAN Mary 75th Birthday blessing,  her first away from home. Oh mummy I’ve thought  of this day for so long I  had so many plans but  God had other plans. I  miss you so much wish  you were here so I coulld  spoil you. I will be  thinking of you today like everyday and I know you’re with me. Always loved and missed by your heart-broken son Kevin and partner Frankie xxx

LAGAN Mary Heavenly birthday wishes  sent to my mummy on this  her 75th Birthday, her first  away from home. Mummy  your birthday is here but  you are not, I would send  you a gift but know I can't.  So I will make a wish upon  a star, it will carry my love  to where you are. Happy  Heavenly birthday mummy  loved and missed every day.  From your heartbroken  daughter Mary, son-in-law  Tony and grandchildren  Tony og, Michael and Connor xx. 

Mary lagan mem daughter