McGREEVY Patsy Beautiful memories of my mummy 3rd Anniversary occurs  9th April 2022 3 years have passed so  quickly, each day it’s still so  tough to live our lives without the one who loved us all so much.  Your face I cannot kiss again, your hand I cannot touch,  but a piece of my heart will always be yours,  my mum who I miss so much. Loved and missed always by your daughter Colleen, son-in-law Jim and grandsons Christopher, Ryan and Harry.

McGREEVY Patricia  3rd Anniversary  on the 9th of April  My world is a little darker  now that we're apart, but  the memories are shining  brightly within this broken heart. You touched the lives of those you loved and we wanted you to stay, but God whispered "come this way". I  know whenever I'm lonely  and this smile becomes a  frown, I'll look up to the sky above and there will  be an Angel looking down. Loved and missed always from your daughter Eileen, Sean, grandchildren and great grandchildren. St Padre Pio  pray for her. 

Patsy mcgreevy mem