MEEHAN Paul Whose 1st Anniversary occurs 17th January. In loving memory of my son. Of all the special gifts in life however great or small, to have  you as my son was the greatest gift of all. A special time, a special face, a special son I can’t replace. With an aching heart I whisper low, I love you and miss you so. Pen to paper words from my heart, so much to say, so where do I start? I love and miss you everyday, my heart was broken when angels took you away, but I have the memories of times that we had, they make me smile on days I feel sad. I thank you for the times we had. May  angels wrap you in love in Heaven. Lots of love our mummy. Watch over us.

MEEHAN Paul (Meeky) 1st Anniversary occurs 17th January. Today is full of memories of  my brother laid to rest, and every single one is filled with happiness, for a brother and an uncle we will always miss. You’re no longer here to share the bond we had, a bond of love  and care, yet something tells us you are always there watching over us with gentle care. We miss you so very much, and our tears we cannot hide, within our hearts we feel you are always by our side. Ever since you went away life has never been the same, it comforts me to know that one day we will meet again. Fly high son xxx Loved and missed your heartbroken sister Lindsay, nephews Nathan and Thomas and niece Keiana may xoxoxo

Daddy. A fathers touch, a daddy’s kiss, a grieving daughter and son, a daddy we will always love and miss. An empty house, an empty chair, a daddy’s love no longer there. Broken hearts, tear filled eyes, another star in the sky. The times we shared, the laughs we had, things we miss is our daddy xoxo Sleep tight and shine bright. Love Codylee and Paul og xoxo

MEEHAN Paul 1st Anniversary 17th January. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unheard but always near, still loved, still missed every day of the year. Sadly missed Tucker.

MEEHAN Paul 1st away from home. In loving memory of our Paul. We don’t need a special  day to bring you to mind, the days we don’t think of you are very hard to find. Each morning that we wake, we know that you’re gone and no one knows the heartache as we try to  carry on. Our hearts still ache with sadness and secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know. Our thoughts are always with you, your place no one can  fill, in life we loved you dearly and in death we love you still. Loved and missed everyday  your aunt Eileen, uncle Mickey and your cuz Michael, also Darragh and Kayden Lagan xxx

MEEHAN Paul Whose first anniversary occurs 17th January. We think about you always, we talk about you still, you haven’t been forgotten and you never ever will. We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain, to walk and guide us through our lives until we meet again. Time cannot heal the heartache or stop a silent tear, it won’t take away the memories that we hold so dear. Loved and missed always Paul, by your cousins Stacy and Rebecca xxx

MEEHAN Paul 1st Anniversary occurs 17th January. St Martin pray for him. You always had a smile to share, a laugh, a joke and time to care. A wonderful nature, kind and true, these are the memories we have of you. Sadly missed from Lisa and family.

MEEHAN Paul 1st Anniversary occurs 17th January. St Martin pray for him. For all you were to us in life and all the joy you brought, your memory is always with us in every single thought. The pain we felt at losing you will never go away, but knowing that you’re in our hearts helps get us through each day. Sadly missed your cousin John Molloy and family.

MEEHAN First Anniversary away from home. In memory of my nephew Paul, who died 17th January 2020. God’s garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best. Never forgotten by his aunt Annemarie and cousins Lisa and Liam.

MEEHAN Paul Whose first Anniversary occurs 17th January. St Martin pray for him. The day you left and gained your wings my heart just broke in two, we wish you could have stayed with us but Heaven needed you. You left us with the memories and we love you dearly still, no matter how much time goes by you know we always will. You were a very special person with kindness in your heart, and the love we had together grows stronger now we are apart. We know we cannot bring you back although we wish it everyday, but a piece of us went with you the day you went away. Loved and missed always aunt Geraldine, cuz Barry, Alice and God daughter Darcie xxx

MEEHAN Paul Whose 1st Anniversary occurs 17th January. His first away from home. St  Anthony pray for him. Although our worlds are different now or is that just how it seems,  for I see you when I close my eyes because I’d love for you to be in my dreams. I know you’re up in Heaven and looking down on us, and when I look at the stars I know that’s  where you’ll be. Even though we miss you, you’re not too far away, because my heart is  full of memories and I treasure them everyday. Our time on earth was special but it’s only  the very start, so please keep watching over me while we’re not so far apart. Someday the  time will come when we no longer feel this pain, that is the day Heaven calls and we will  all meet again. Give our Stephanie a great big hug, I know you are together. Look after your big sister Lindsay, niece, nephews, your Codylee and Paul og and your mum. Loved and sadly missed your big cousin Cathy, Squaggas and kids xxxxx

Paul meehan mem mum 2