Birthday Memories


WARD Eliza Whose 43rd birthday occurs 7th April. Time has not healed the heartache or dried away the tears, for we all love and miss you despite the passing years. Of all the greatest gifts in life however big or small, to have had you as my daughter was the greatest gift of all. I love and miss you every day my wee girl. Happy 43rd  birthday. Your mother Alanna and father John xxx WARD Eliza Whose 43rd Birthday occurs 7th April. Happy birthday to our big sister Eliza who we all love and miss more then words can say. Not only do we remember you on your birthday, we talk about you everyday. Your loving brothers Johnmichael, Marco, Jason, Robert and brother-in-law Marty xxxxxx WARD Eliza Whose 43rd birthday occurs 7th April. Special birthday memories of our beautiful sister Eliza. Our memories of you we will treasure, they are so precious and so dear. Eliza you meant the world to all of us we wish that you were here. Happy 43rd birthday Eliza. Your loving sisters Angelina, Constance, Emma, Alanna and Monica xxxxxx WARD Eliza Happy 43rd Birthday to our beautiful auntie Eliza. Sending you birthday wishes to Heaven. Loved and missed everyday from all your nieces and nephews xxx

 WARD Eliza Whose 43rd  Birthday occurs 7th April. To  my beautiful big sis. I know  I can’t bring you back although I wish it everyday.  It’s hard not to see you. If  only we could sit and talk  like we used to do. Happy  birthday I wish we could be  together the same old way. Much loved and missed  your brokenhearted sister Angeline, brother-in-law  Marty, niece Georgia and  nephews Reuben and Sonny  xx

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