Predicted storms permitting, art-lovers have until 4pm tomorrow (Sunday) to enjoy a new exhibition in the alleyways of South Belfast.

Involving fiddling painter Susan Hughes, the en plein-air exhibition brings together artists to show off their works in a way which complements the architecture of the area. 

The LIMIN-ALLEY exhibition takes the form of sculpture, print, photography and sign writing —but note, not al the graffiti in the Ormeau and Belmont alleys is the work of the artists. 

BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Susan Hughes with her LIMIN-ALLEY works.

BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Susan Hughes with her LIMIN-ALLEY works.

Yesterday, Susan was out and about pasting up her own screen prints ("little windows to the sea") in the alley behind Ballynafeigh Community Centre/Burmah Street.

The South Belfast artist says her inspiration for participation in LIMIN-ALLEY came from an alley exhibition she encountered off the Ravenhill Road last year. "Artist Meadhbh McIlgorm had set up a one-off show in the alley," explained Susan. "At a time when galleries had been closed and we were dying to see some real life art, this was a breath of fresh air. 
As time rolled on and it looked like this was a continual state of affairs, Meadhbh ploughed forward with her vision of the alleys being spaces for community and interaction, valuable spaces for creativity and growth.

"In the end she secured further funding to support 13 artists to create site-specific artwork for alleys across the Ormeau and Belmont area. The artists had to create weatherproof work to exist in an un-manned exhibition which would be non-intrusive on the architecture - essentially temporal."

For more information about Imagine Belfast and LIMIN-ALLEY, visit the Imagine Belfast website.