The fifth annual ‘Walk Out of Darkness and Into the Dawn’ will take place this Saturday to mark World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10).

The event sees communities from across Belfast and further afield coming together to walk just as dawn is breaking over the city, ending at Belfast City Hall for a service of reflection.

The walk takes place as communities from across the world show their support for suicide prevention and for those individuals and families affected by suicide

“Suicide is preventable but this requires you and I to participate, this is where suicide prevention is everyone’s business,” says Mary Creaney, General Manager of the Suicide Awareness and Support Group. “Any of us could play a part in helping to save a life. The life saved could be someone you know or love; the life saved could be your own.

“World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity for all sectors of the community to focus public attention on the unacceptable burden of suicide and promote effective prevention activities.

“We call upon our political representatives, policy makers, statutory and voluntary agencies, community groups, church groups, schools, universities, youth groups and bereavement support groups to walk with us out of the darkness and into the dawn of World Suicide Prevention Day.

“We invite you to walk with us on September 10 to raise the issue of suicide prevention, remembering those who have died, supporting the bereaved, attempting to reduce stigma and highlighting this underestimated community health issue.”

The following is a list of locations where you can join the Walk Out of the Darkness and Into the Dawn.

SA&SA, 209 Falls Road 5.15am n Leaving gates of Stormont 4.30am

PIPS, Estoril Park, Ardoyne 4.45am

FASA, 178 Shankill Road 5.15am

Belfast LGBT, Waring Street 5.15am

Lighthouse, Duncairn Gardens 5.15am