THERE were double celebrations at Holy Trinity Primary School in Turf Lodge this week after the school reached two charitable achievements.

Staff and pupils raised £13,500 for Trócaire as part of their Lenten Fundraising campaign. The pupils came up with brilliant fundraising ideas including selling buns, taking part in a sponsored dance workshop, making and selling badges, as well as making plants for Mother's Day.  

Principal Fiona Boyd said: "I am so proud of everyone, as the amount raised, especially in these times when the cost of living is so high and families are struggling financially, it is amazing.

"I am so proud as the generosity of our school community will mean that we will be able to support Trócaire and many of our local charities."

The school also received 'Tiny Learners Award' from the charity Tiny Life, the premature and vulnerable baby charity.

Catherine Black from Tiny Life commended everyone at the school for their participation in the programme.

"The 'Tiny Learners Award' is all about raising awareness of prematurity in primary and nursery schools," she said.

Principal Fiona Boyd and Catherine Black from Tiny Life with pupils Amelia, Seadhna, Nevaeh and Jay

Principal Fiona Boyd and Catherine Black from Tiny Life with pupils Amelia, Seadhna, Nevaeh and Jay

"The award is funded by the Department of Education. Staff get to avail of free training and parents get the opportunity to share their child's story and the impact of being premature on their education.

"The school in return helped raise a bit of money for Tiny Life which we greatly appreciate."

Principal Fiona Boyd added: "We are delighted to receive the Tiny Learners Award from the charity Tiny Life.  

"In Northern Ireland, 1,900 babies are born prematurely or require neonatal support every year. Research has shown that some children who are born prematurely may experience some difficulties with regard to processing information, co-ordination, working memory, attention and concentration and difficulty with Maths.

"Staff have now undergone training and are more aware of the difficulties children born prematurely may face and the need to employ a range of strategies to support them.

"We are working in partnership with Tiny Life to ensure that children who are born prematurely or who start life in a neonatal unit and who attend Holy Trinity are given the support they need to reach their full educational potential."