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Ballymurphy: Soldier saw paratroopers ‘kill’ civilians

By Staff Reporter

A FORMER British soldier saw paratroopers shoot and kill civilians, the Ballymurphy inquest heard on Tuesday.
The solder, known as witness C4, was a serving member of the Royal Corps of Signals. He was 24 in 1971 and had married a woman from Ballymurphy.
C4 told the court he acted as go-between for the army and the local community and witnessed the shootings of Fr Hugh Mullan and Francis Quinn.
He added he had earlier watched as soldiers and a Ferret scout car moved into the area and that the soldiers had fired self-loading rifles.
C4 also told the inquest examining the deaths of ten people in the West Belfast estate he was told not to testify at the inquest into Father Mullan’s death in 1972 by an army major. He added that he was called a traitor by an officer of the Parachute Regiment and had been threatened.
Later on Tuesday, the court heard a previous television interview from C4 when he described lying in the waste ground under fire.
“I looked up,” he said. “I saw them. I could see they were Paras by the berets they were wearing.
“I was quite, not shocked, disgusted, by the fact that the soldiers did lie.”

The inquest continues.

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