In the 10 weeks between now and race day, we will be tracking two Belfast Media Group novice runners in a weekly ‘JogBlog’. As they prepare for the Spar Craic 10K. Next week Sports Editor Conor McLoughlin begins his regime, but first up is Brónach Ní Thuama, who has already made that first difficult step....

Ah January, time to get fit (again) but this time I really have to. I have no choice. I’ve signed up to take part in the Spar Craic 10K on St Patrick’s Day and the bosses are watching me!

OK, let’s see: gorgeous new trainers - check; new work out gear - check; amazing playlist created on my iPod – check. Looks like I actually have to do this now.

I was going to start my training on Saturday morning but I had a few drinks on Friday night so I decided for health and safety reasons to leave it until Sunday (I do take health and safety very seriously.)

Thankfully Sunday was a dry day (in more ways than one) - well I don’t want to get my new trainers dirty do I? So here we go...

I actually managed to make it down my street and towards the bottom of the Shaws Road before I almost collapsed and began to gasp for air. I then changed into power walk mode and was feeling quite smug about myself until I was overtaken on the Andersonstown Road by a complete goddess in her GAA gear, full face of makeup, immaculate hair and not even a bit out of breath - I died a little inside.

So, armed with fresh determination and a ridiculous urge to overtake the goddess I broke into a mini jog again.

I kept this up until I reached the bottom of Kennedy Way, where I immediately decided that I am nowhere near fit enough to attempt this Mount Kilimanjaro on the way back up.

I broke into a power walk again and pretty much stayed that way until I reached the Shaws Road (though I did make sure to run back up my street to create the illusion that I had run the entire way)

All-in-all not a bad first attempt and it did have its benefits – I slept like a log that night and I actually felt like a bit of an athlete the next day as I was a tad sore!

I’ve now downloaded the ‘couch to 5k’ app on my phone and I’ll give this a blast this week. I’ve also signed up for the Parkrun in the Falls Park every Saturday at 9.30am.

No more Friday night beverages for me for the next load of weeks. Wish me luck (I’m going to need it).