COMMUNITY representatives from South Belfast estates have helped launch a programme designed to help with the “positive expression of culture”.

Funded through Belfast City Council’s Peace III scheme, the programme, Promoting the Positive Expression of Cultural Heritage was launched at the headquarters of the Groundwork NI group in North Belfast.

Reps from areas in Finaghy, Malone and elsewhere are part of the new six cultural networks, incorporating loyalists and republicans in the city, which aim to tackle negative aspects of cultural celebrations, including bonfires.

The council’s Good Relations Officer David Robinson said: “There’s a richness of diverse cultural expression throughout Belfast and this programme will enable communities, particularly within working class neighbourhoods, to celebrate their cultural heritage in a positive way.”

Richard Rodgers of Groundwork NI added: We are anticipating that this initiative will act as a catalyst for other communities to engage in more positive means to expressing their diverse heritages.”