THE Lenadoon community is rallying behind vulnerable families and senior citizens as the Coronavirus Crisis continues to wreak havoc with lives of local people.

200 food parcels were delivered in recent days to seniors and vulnerable individuals and their families in a mammoth community drive. 

Community leader Michael Doherty said groups in Lenadoon are providing a counseling service via telephone to over 100 individuals each week.

“Lenadoon Women’s Group are continuing to provide family support to referrals to the service,” he said.

“Youth and daycare staff from Glen Community Parent Youth Group are providing daily online activities, programmes and mentoring to local young people. Lenadoon Community Forum also established a ‘Lenadoon Community SOS’ Facebook page which is daily updating useful information and contact numbers for people during this crisis.”    

Meanwhile, West Belfast MP Paul Maskey praised the ongoing work of all community groups and individuals who are volunteering to help the infirm and those more vulnerable in the community. 

Speaking from the Felons club, hub for a massive relief operation, Mr Maskey commended the sterling efforts of the community. Felons club members helped to prepare and pack over 1,000 ready meals for delivering across the Upper Springfield and West Belfast area in recent days.

“This is only one small part of what is taking place across West Belfast,” said the West Belfast MP. “This is about staying together but safely keeping our distance, keeping our community safe and keeping people alive. Again I want to thank each and every person who has been involved in all initiatives right across West Belfast in trying to help others."