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Target says he wants to be left alone and in peace

Man’s fears after second death threat

The man (29) targeted by ‘the Republican Movement’ is too afraid to be identified The man (29) targeted by ‘the Republican Movement’ is too afraid to be identified
By Francesca Ryan

A West Belfast man says he is living in fear for his life after a group claiming to be republicans vowed to kill him.

The man, who does not want to be named, says members of the group are following him, making his life a misery and forcing him to live under curfew.

The 29-year-old has received two death threats in recent months and is speaking out in the hope that those behind the threats will back off and leave him in peace.

The intimidation began last November when he received a bullet and Mass card in the post at his mother’s house. The card, signed by ‘the Republican Movement’, warned him he had 48 hours to leave the North. He fled his mother’s home and went to stay with a relative in Poleglass but was this week tracked down and another death threat was issued.

The man says he has done nothing wrong and is pleading with the group behind the threats to leave him alone.

“In November I got a Mass card and bullet in the post, the card said I’d 48 hours to get out or I would be shot dead,” he said.

“I was concerned and frightened and left and went to stay with a relative but on Monday afternoon a couple of men called to the house when I wasn’t in. They asked for me by name and handed my relative a note and a bullet cartridge fell out of it and dropped to the floor.

“The note said, ‘You’re gonna get it in the back of the head. You’re dead’ and it was signed by ‘the Republican Movement’ again.”

The two men were wearing monkey hats and were not recognised by the family member who answered the door. The father-of-one says, like many, he was involved in anti-social activity when he was younger but cannot think why he is being targeted now.

“After November, I thought they would let it go and it would be forgotten about but they’re not and I’m afraid because they must now be following me around.  I want to talk to them and tell them I just want to get on with my life, but I’m scared they will shoot me. I’m not involved in anything,” he added.  “Anything they have against me is from years ago, I think this is a personal thing now.

“I just want to live in peace and look after my son and do my training. I don’t want any hassle but I’m getting it.”

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