A FEMALE otter has been spotted in the Waterworks this week.

A video of the wild animal gained plenty of attraction after being captured by Hewitt Scarlett on Monday night.

Alan Wake, Club Secretary of Families at the Waterworks Fishing Club said the otter has been spotted occasionally over the last four years.

“It’s a female otter. She has two kits,” he explained.

“She has been coming for past four years or so.

“It’s a wild animal so it has come down one of the streams, probably the one closest to the fire station.

“It will probably stay there for between six months to a year. As soon as mother becomes pregnant again, they will be gone.

“We don’t mind the otters being there at all. We can’t fish at the minute due to Covid-19 restrictions and are just waiting like everyone else to get the go ahead to resume. You would think fishing could be done very easily at a social distance.”

Local angler Jim Devlin added: “They were chasing the small brown trout in the tunnel that runs under the Antrim Road from the Waterworks to Alexander Park.

“The large otter was found dead last year but the pup was seen on the Antrim Road one night before Christmas.”