The Andersonstown Social Club has closed its doors for a deep clean of the premises and testing of staff after a patron tested positive for Covid-19.

Folks unfortunately one of our regulars has tested positive to Covid19 and as a precautionary measure we are closing the...

Publiée par Andersonstown Social Club PD sur Vendredi 7 août 2020

In a post on its Facebook page, the PD club committee said they hoped to open again soon.

A spokesperson for the Andersonstown Social Club said: “When we were told that someone who had been in the club contracted Covid-19 we verified that they had been in the club. It was our initiative to lock the place down, ordered a deep clean and are currently having our staff tested.
“We have our own track and trace system in the club. We have tables numbered and know who is at each table and have their phone numbers. That’s how we were able to verify that the person who tested positive had been at the club.
“This comes after we extensively refurbished the club to make sure that we were ready to reopen, following all the regulations. Our measures went above and beyond what we needed to do, because safety and people’s lives come first.
“We will reopen when the circumstances are right.”

The closure comes two days after Raffo's chip shop on the Falls confirmed a member of staff had been diagnosed with the virus. On its Facebook page, the owners said they would remain closed until Monday 10 August to enable testing of staff.

RAFFOS FALLS ROAD Folks it has been brought to our attention today that a staff member has tested positive for covid...

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It was also reported last night that the PSNI had closed a licensed premises in the Falls after allegations that it was not serving food — a requirement under the Covid guidelines.