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Seasons greetings

By Squinter

THOSE are snowflakes on the Kit Kats in the vending machines in the Andytown News kitchen, right? While it’s not exactly Santa with a Robin on his head sitting beside a blazing fire drinking egg-nog, it’s still a symbol of Christmas – Nestlé probably thinking that even for chocolate manufacturers,who make their hay not when it shines but when it snows, it’s a little early to go full Kris Kringle.

They were put in there a few days ago and when Squinter was first told about it he was rather doubtful, to say the least. So he went and had a gander. And there they were. So mark it – Christmas 2016 made its first appearance in Squinter’s life at the start of the second week of September, seven weeks before Halloween. That’s quite some going.

Squinter’s not a big chocolate fan, so he he decided not to fork out the cash (60p? 70p?) and instead took this picture through the shatterproof glass.

Bah, humbug, indeed.

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