SACRED Heart Boys Primary School will provide free breakfast for pupils this year thanks to their unique Breakfast Club.
Running from 8-8.30am every school day, the club has been made possible thanks to funding from the school’s Parent Teacher’s Association group ‘Friends of Sacred Heart’.
The Breakfast Club is also funded thanks to Greggs Bakery and Cash For Kids.
Pupils can enjoy a range of cereals, milkshake, tea, hot chocolate, apple juice, croissants, toast, ham cheese, jam and fruit.
The school are also planning to host some family breakfast mornings when they will encourage parents to join their children for breakfast.
Principal Joanne Smyth said: “This has been a great initiative for the children as we are able to feed more children for less.
“Over the past few weeks we have noticed a steady increase of the children attending which is great.
“It means that our children are coming early to school, hence improving attendance, and also starting the day with a healthy breakfast.”