A Lagmore man has hit out at NI Water for letting sewage seep all over his garden. Sean Crawford, from Glenfearna Gardens, says he was stunned when the water company told him that while repairing last Thursday’s sewage flooding was their job, cleaning up the mess left behind is beyond their remit.

“There was a leak on Thursday and all this sewage has leaked over my back garden,” he said.  “We called NI Water and they came on Friday, so this had been sitting overnight.  They fixed the problem and cleaned up the area but told me that they could not clean up the sewage from my garden.  I can’t believe I have been left with this mess all over my gravel through no fault of my own.”

On Friday afternoon when we visited the house, the sewage was starting to cake.

“How am I supposed to start cleaning this up?” asked an exasperated Sean.

NI Water confirmed the flooding incident but added that it is beyond their remit to clean up certain surfaces.

“The flooding was a result of transient blockage caused by the flushing and dumping of inappropriate items into the sewer network,” said a spokeswoman.

“NI Water’s contractor cleared the blockage and to mitigate damage cleaned the area in line with company policy.

“In these circumstances NI Water will also litter-pick and wash-down the affected area, but unfortunately we are unable to remove or restore gravel and grassed surfaces.”