A NEW mural celebrating the life-saving work of the Community Rescue Service (CRS) is set to be unveiled on the Belfast's famous International Wall.

The painting by local muralist, Michael Doherty, will be unveiled on Northumberland Street on Saturday.

CRS is a volunteer-led charity that provides search and rescue services in terrains including ground, inland water and rivers. They provide vital support in finding missing persons and rescuing people in danger or distress.

The new mural, which has been sponsored by the cross-community-run Cab Tours Belfast, aims to highlight the important work of CRS. 

Commenting on the mural, CRS volunteer Darren Harper said: “It makes you feel humble because a lot of the we do goes unnoticed. 

“We do a weekend safety patrol in and around the Lagan. It’s a suicide prevention thing, so that we’re there and ready to respond. The boats are always on standby at the weekends and there are always volunteers on the ground and in the Lagan. 

“Our work was highlighted just over a year ago through a high-profile search in North Belfast, but a lot of the time people don’t see the work that goes on.”

Significantly, the new mural lies directly beside the so-called peace line that runs between the Shankill and Falls. Its position reflects the cross-community nature of the CRS. 

“The great thing about CRS is that we serve both sides of the community and we’re welcomed on both sides,” Darren explained.

“There is no such thing as a divide for us, so it’s great for the mural to be there between the Shankill and the Falls.”

Cab Tours Ireland aim to recognise the "heroes from both communities".

"We at Cab Tours Belfast decided to sponsor this wall mural because of the amazing hard work and effort that Community Rescue Service put in on a daily basis. They are fantastic at what they do.

"The Community Rescue Service have the respect of both communities. The volunteers from both communities come together to bring loved ones home to their families. 

"We at Cab Tours Belfast find it a privilege to be able to sponsor this mural. We tell tourists about the past heroes from both communities and now we can tell them about our modern day heroes."