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Duffy slams burning of election posters

One of the posters on fire in the Cutts area One of the posters on fire in the Cutts area
By Michael Jackson

SINN Féin has condemned the “despicable” burning of a party candidate’s election posters, describing it as an “attack on the democratic process”.
Posters belonging to Sinn Féin’s Lisburn and Castlereagh candidate, Joe Duffy, were set alight in the Cutts area of Dunmurry on Tuesday night. It comes after a number of Mr Duffy’s posters were ripped down last week.
The Fire Service attended the scene where the posters had been set alight on lampposts.
Taking to Twitter last night, Mr Duffy shared a video of himself at the scene and he stated: “I’m going to reiterate the point that we put out on Facebook last week: there are no such areas as no-go areas for Sinn Féin. Myself and the party will be here irrespective of the election result.”
Speaking to Daily Belfast later, Mr Duffy added: “I was contacted by a local resident tonight letting me know that my election posters had been set alight in the Cutts area.
“This is a blatant attack on the democratic process and those behind this despicable act will fail.
“I will continue to work on behalf of everyone in North Lisburn and promote our message of equality, rights and Irish unity.
“Sinn Féin will not be silenced by these attacks which will only increase our determination to bring our progressive politics to voters in this council area.”

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