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Beacons of Hope, Blackboard Awards 2022

Spotlight on teachers as beacons of hope at tenth annual Blackboard Awards. Commitment, courage, compassion have been the watchword of our teachers who have shone as beacons of hope in our classrooms during the Covid storm. Over almost two years now, our tireless teaching staff have toiled on the educational frontlines to ensure no child is left behind due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. And now, through the Blackboard Awards, you will have a chance to recognise the teaching stalwarts who embody the very best of Belfast.

In 2021, the Blackboard Awards were forced to adopt an online-only model in response to the Covid restrictions but this year the in-person event will return — protocols permitting – when Europa Hotel Belfast hosts the cream of our teaching heroes on Friday 4 March. Throughout the pandemic, teachers have answered the call. Their courage and resolve has been an antidote to the fear and confusion which Covid engenders.

Now we give you an opportunity to nominate your Teaching Beacon of Hope at the Tenth Annual Blackboard Awards. We welcome nominations for teaching assistants, teachers, principals and support staff at our schools. In this uncertain time, all deserve our praise.

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