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G’gormley Mini Twelfth passes off peacefully

By Gemma Burns

The mini twelfth parade through Glengormley this week passed off peacefully despite fears there could be trouble. The controversial parade which marches down the mainly nationalist Church Road area went ahead without incident on Tuesday night. Hundreds of loyalist descended on Glengormley to take part in the parade and the official opening of the Orange arch.

The arch had been vandalised hours earlier, prompting fears there could be clashes. During last year’s parade loyalists through fireworks and hurled abuse at nationalist residents as they passed by.

Sinn Féin councillor for the area Gerry O’Reilly said the parade is unwanted in Glengormley.

“A lot of work has been done by community workers and residents with the police to ensure the parade passed off peacefully,” he said.

“The Orange Order march is not wanted through this area and I want to praise local residents again for their restraint and having to put up with this unwanted parades,” he added.


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