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Heroin needles found

By Ciara Quinn

A LOWER Falls resident says urgent action needs to be taken after he found a heroin kit in an alleyway just yards from his home – and St Peter’s  Cathedral.

Milford Place resident Joe Downey told the Andersonstown News he was left “totally disgusted” when he discovered the drug paraphernalia – which included used needles, tinfoil and a metal spoon – on Saturday afternoon.

Mr Downey said: “At least 12 foreign nationals hang around the alley every day, they even pitched a tent over the weekend and I know for a fact they were taking drugs in it. They come down to use the alley and even have sex in it, I’ve seen ones pull down their trousers and go to the toilet and now this.

“My next door neighbour’s wee boy plays in that alley and he shouldn’t be seeing things like this.

“Last week there was a group of them sitting in the alley sharing one cigarette, there was a girl with them and the thickest part of her body was her eyelids. She didn’t know where she was.”

Mr Downey, who has lived in the area for 15 years, says the area is getting worse.

“Something needs done here and fast. It’s bad enough without junkies coming here and taking drugs. It’s out of order and I wanted to publicise it in the Andersonstown News in the hope that something is done.”

Sinn Féin MLA Fra McCann said he’s in talks with the Housing Executive  to have gates erected at the entry as a matter of urgency.

“Gates are needed to stop people from using the alley and drug-taking is not acceptable in any area,” he said.

“This is a worrying development and will not be tolerated.”

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