A NORTH Belfast man has been left badly injured and frightened after he was attacked at his home in Ardoyne.

Gavin Rooney (37) was in his flat in Alliance Avenue on Friday, September 3 when he was subject to a terrifying ordeal by two masked men.

Speaking to the North Belfast News, his mother, Teresa, said: “It was approximately 11pm and the door knocked.

“Two masked and hooded men pushed in. They had two knives and stabbed him six times and punched him every time he tried to speak.

“Gavin reckons they were there for about two hours. They stole his phone, guitar, toolbox and £200 cash from his wallet. They kept asking for his PIN number and punched him more every time he refused to give it.

“He had no chance of fighting back. He was left lying during the night in a pool of blood.”

Gavin was taken to hospital for his injuries including deterioration of eyesight in left eye, severe concussion and bad bruising to his face and legs.


Teresa is urging others to be wary and is concerned about her son’s mental health following the attack.

“He was brought to the hospital. He was very disorientated due to severe concussion. He was allowed back home as long as someone was with him,” she added.

“I have no idea why he was attacked. He doesn’t owe anybody money and wasn’t fighting with anyone. He is a very quiet-natured person and keeps to himself and his close friends.

“Gavin is feeling very low and very frightened. He is terrified and can’t stay on his own. I am very concerned about his mental health.

“It is going to take a long time for him to get over this.

“As a mother, I want to warn others about these two scumbags. They are two violent people and could do it to your son or family relative. Gavin didn’t deserve this.

“I haven’t even reported it to police yet because Gavin is so unwell but these people need caught and off our streets.”