A new state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic in Belfast will be ploughing all of its profits into a charity helping brain injury victims rebuild their lives.

Rebound Physio, located in Castlereagh Business Park off the Castlereagh Road is a social enterprise donating all of its profits to Brain Injury Matters, a charity dedicated to supporting people with Acquired Brain Injury.

The physio team at Rebound is comprised of Dr Katy Pedlow and Dr Erin Byrd. Dr Pedlow is one of only a handful of practitioners in Northern Ireland to attain a PhD in neurological rehabilitation.

“The charity Brain Injury Matters helps people with serious brain injury through accident or illness,” explained physiotherapist Katy Pedlow. “Often this injury is sudden and has a devastating effect not only on the person but on their whole family. The charity helps people not only through physical support to get their strength and movement back but also emotionally and socially. We feel it’s essential that this vital service is maintained and so will be donating all of our profits to this charity.”

Rebound Physio is a 2000 square foot ground floor clinic with private treatment rooms and a purpose-built gym with the latest equipment to offer therapy for musculoskeletal conditions like back and neck pain, sports injuries and neurological conditions. Other services will include pilates classes, sports massage, running analysis and biomechanical assessments.

The physio team work on a one-to-one basis focusing solely on the patients’ needs, developing a treatment and exercise programme to support recovery.

Sports Injury specialist physio Dr Erin Byrd said: “Physiotherapy for sports injury can be an essential part in recovering from injury, helping you recover faster and get back to peak performance.”

The clinic is being supported by rugby star Chris Henry, who himself suffered from a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), a temporary blockage of a small blood vessel in his brain.

Chris said: “Being part of a professional rugby team I am well used to the physiotherapy couch. After my recent illness, I understand the importance of physiotherapy in rebuilding your health as well as your confidence in your own body.
It was an anxious time for me and for my family and really brought home to me what it’s like to deal with serious illness. The team at Rebound specialise not only in sports injury treatments but also in recovery from neurological conditions.

“I really like that Rebound Physio is supporting the charity Brain Injury Matters. It’s great that a business is giving something back to the community and helping people during a critical time in their lives.”

Brain Injury Matters aims to promote independence, foster personal development and support people to adapt to life after illness or accident. Its services are delivered by a combination of professional clinicians and staff with specialist knowledge of ABI rehabilitation.

Fiona McCabe, Chief Executive of Brain Injury Matters, said: “The current economic situation means that funding is hard to obtain so we are hoping to secure the work of the charity with the support of Rebound Physio. It’s essential that people with a brain injury are given as much support as possible – it makes a huge difference to their lives as well as to the lives of their families.”

For more information contact Teri Kelly on 02893 340275, 07957142915 or email teri@kellypr.co.uk