Police in West Belfast arrested six people at the weekend as part of a special operation against those involved in mass disorder in Poleglass over the summer – and warned more will follow.

The arrests were in relation to disorder in the Poleglass area on Friday, August 8 when young people erected burning barricades and attacked police on the Good Shepherd Road. Police videotaped the chaotic scenes and it’s on the basis of that footage that the arrests have begun.

The six – four of them juveniles – have been arrested on suspicion of riotous behaviour, while one was also arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure.   A PSNI spokesman said police have moved following an in-depth investigation.

“This continues to be a painstaking but very thorough investigation by officers in Dunmurry and it is an example of how police will, with great determination, apprehend anyone who is suspected of taking part in any type of behaviour which impacts negatively and causes danger to the local community,” he said.

“More arrests are expected in relation to this operation and I would advise anyone intent on such behaviour in the future to think very carefully, because, as this investigation shows, police will deal with offenders in a robust manner and there will be consequences to your actions.”