Two North Belfast Palestinian liberation campaigners are appealing for donations to help fund a law scholarship for a 19-year-old Gaza man.

Fra Hughes from Cavehill Road and Liam McDonald  from Ardoyne are leading a campaign to raise £5,000 to help fund Amjad Mohammed Said Abu Sedo’s scholarship in law at the University of Gaza.

The student lives in a rented flat with his mother and five siblings and relies on charities to fund his education. The pair say that funding his education can make a real difference to the lives of his family.

“Amjad is a very enthusiastic student but his family has a very low income and are dependant on charities,” said Fra.

“With the ongoing illegal siege of Gaza, the push for justice, equality and nationhood for Palestine is growing in momentum. Please help the people of Gaza and the West Bank by supporting the scholarship.”

The campaign has already raised £2,500 with collections at Holy Cross Church and Clonard Monastery.

There are two fundraising events in the coming weeks – at the Crumlin Star in Ardoyne on Thursday, September 8 and then at Cassidy’s Bar on Friday, September 30 when Cruncher O’Neill will be playing. There will be a ballot at both events with prizes including a t-shirt signed by George Galloway.

All proceeds go to Scholarship for Gaza.