IF ever there was a word that would be both applicable and appropriate for me this week it’s 'rigmarole'. The word best describes what's been going on with me – so many things to do but somehow I was able to complicate them, taking the long way for a short cut.

I’m glad to say I was able with the aid of others to put everything in perspective and get on with what had to be done.  I’m amazed by all the good folk I met this week and how they cope with juggling so many balls. 

I had the privilege to be part of a delegation from ‘New Script' to meet up with our First Citizen, Lord Mayor for all, Councillor Tina Black, in her parlour in our City Hall. 

Tina’s attention to and support for the New Script group was second to none as she engaged with the group both individually and collectively. Members of the group shared their experiences and the vision of New Script.  For me, and I’m speaking from my experience and point of view, New Script is a wind of change across our city for everyone, worker and non-worker alike. It's a growing movement, a campaign for an equal, inclusive and rights-based society which actively works to prevent the abuses of power that cause emotional distress and trauma. 

Sara Boyce explained it well to our Mayor when she described how as a social movement our aim is bringing together everyone in our society who believes we need a better approach to mental health. The purpose of the movement is to collectively develop a New Script for mental health, grounded in human rights and trauma-informed principles.

Other members of the movement shared their experiences of how New Script has connected them to other like-minded people who have empowered and enabled them to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through the creative medium of writing, and most of all being able to tell their story through stories and poetry. 

Some members read out poignant poetic verse that described and captured the sea of change. Being seen, heard and valued is so important – that was the message that I heard. My favourite word, compassion, was brought into the room – the need for action and interaction to reduce our own and others' suffering. Community was how members described the movement. 

One member asked Tina what her New Script would be and how she took care of her own well-being. Tina told the group that she personally gets great benefits from walking. She also spoke of the plight of addiction that our city is suffering and the need for rehabilitation centres. 

Our meeting ended with another member reciting a poetic rap called 'Stars Will Shine and Curious Minds Will Find a Way'. What an amazing ending to our meeting with our Lord Mayor, who doesn’t seem to get caught up in any rigmarole as she attends to the needs of our city.

For more information re New Script contact, Sara Boyce sara@pprproject.org