Leah’s story

LEAH Corr (23) is a mother of a three-old-child and has been on the waiting list for a Housing Executive home for three years. In January she contacted the Andersonstown News along with two of her neighbours – Georgina Lagan and Kelly Duffy – after major renovation work to the Twinbrook hostel block they were living in began, turning their homes into a large building site.

After their case was highlighted in our report, the three young women and their children were moved out.

“They’ve closed the hostel and now I’m in a single let [rented accommodation from the private sector] in Poleglass and still waiting on a house,” said Leah.

“This is still temporary accommodation now, I’d rather be living in Twinbrook or Lagmore. They had a meeting with us the day after the Andersonstown News came out and told us we had seven days to move out and that we had no choice in the matter.  First they said they were moving us to another hostel and then they found single lets for Kelly and me.  Georgina had to move in with her grandfather but they reassessed her and her points went up so she’s got a house now.”

Although still hopeful of being allocated a home, Leah said she is pleased with her current single let house.

“The house is fine, I have a garden now for my son Kan which is great, but I want to get a house soon so I can settle down and make a real home for him,” she said.

“I hate having to move all the time. I don’t understand why you have to wait so long to be housed.  The government is blowing money on public art, so why not houses?  That’s what the people need.”

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